Loving Heritage

Why Tell Your Story

telling your story for generations to come

        "I've kept 120 year old pictures 
           of my great grand parents.. 
           I'd give anything if I knew more 
           about their lives..."
                             .....  Alice K.  Albuquerque   
          "My parents passed away several     

           years   ago...they told me so many 
           stories about their  childhood. I've 
           forgotten most of them...so sorry I
           never wrote them down.."               
                             .....  James L. Chicago
          How many of us have wondered, 
          "How will I be remembered?... 
          Will my life mean anything to my 
           family and loved ones when 
          I am gone?"   

Documenting your stories in text and/or in audio/visual recording will provide a wonderful heritage for your loved ones.  It will be a history of your memories, ideas, values and life stories that will live for generations to come.