Loving Heritage


telling your story for generations to come

The essence of any of our services is two-fold:

            1.  To gather all appropriate information for the story(s) 

                 you want to tell;
            2.  To assemble that information in a format that meets with your
                  expectations and budget.
      To elaborate:

            1.  Gather appropriate information

                 The amount and kind of information to be gathered is entirely based 
                 on what you want to say and how you want to say it.  

                 For instance, you may only want to write a one-page letter that 
                 expresses your overall values, ideas and love for those who will
                 read that letter.  And, you may only want our help with a review of 
                 what you have already written as opposed to having our help
                 with the original creation of that letter.

                 At the other extreme, you may want a complete oral, written and
                 pictorial account of your entire family or business, including research
                 that involves as many ancestors/predecessors as possible.  This could
                 possibly involve extensive interviews with yourself and others,  

                 discovery and collection of photographs from multiple sources, and  
                 structured genealogical research for you and other family members.

                Most who would ask for our help choose something in between these
                two extremes.  

            2.  Assemble information based on expectations and budget.

                 Assembling information would range from the one page letter 
                 mentioned earlier to multiple copies of leather-bound volumes that
                 provide audio, written and pictorial displays of an extensive
                 presentation of your life stories.

                 Again, most who would ask for our help ask for something in between
                 these extremes, as represented in the writing and audio/visual 

                 examples provided in the following pages.

         Click here for a writing example.  Click here for an audio/visual example.

One of the services we offer is the official publication and distribution of  your story, including printing and e-document preparation, ISBN registration, cover design, and agreements with printers, distributors and wholesalers.  This may be your preference if you feel it is appropriate and feasible to share your story with a wider audience.