Loving Heritage


telling your story for generations to come

Following your expression of interest, we will provide you with a questionnaire that will help you consider what your story(s) might be and who and what could be involved in the work effort.  Then, if you decide to continue, we commit to a free one hour interview with you, either on the phone or in person.  Together we will assess the scope and nature of what you would like and what budget you would prefer.  

In the case where the eventual scope of the project is not yet clear, we will estimate with you a scope of work that projects a conservative work effort and final product, agree upon a price and deposit, and then contract to a schedule of work and reimbursement that can be adjusted in the future by mutual agreement.

For instance, based on your thinking following receipt of the questionnaire, you may know that at a minimum you have 50 photographs you want included and want up to five hours of personal interviews, but you are not decided  whether you want more work for family history, genealogical search, or whether you want a CD, book, or merely a typed transcript for the final product.  For most projects we schedule one to three status meetings with you during the course of the work effort, at which time you can see the progress and results to date and then decide if you would like to contract for additional work effort. 

To give a cost estimate, the following are estimated prices for some of the work effort alternatives:

                       1-2 page legacy letter         
                                  a.  complete development  $175 
                                  b.  editing existing draft      $100

                       30-40 page life story manuscript

                                  a.  with three interviews                          $700-$850
                                        and text editing/production  
                                  b.  with ten - twenty photographs        $800-$950
                                  c.   typeset for printing, with photos     $1200-$1750
                                        captions, text organization, cover          (includes a + b)   
                                        design, soft or hard cover, printing
                                        and delivery of book(s)

                       200 photo history
                                   scanned, edited, integrated                 $1200 - $1750         
                                   with graphics, music and/or 
                                   voice over in DVD format   

Project cost will be impacted by both the size and complexity of the project.  Work contracted on an hourly rate (for instance, added genealogical or family history work, or additional interviews) will have frequent progress reports to assess your satisfaction, budget constraints, and decisions about total scope of work.  Additional work will be billed at $50/hr.

See project samples      click here for writing     click here for audio/visual