Loving Heritage

About Loving Heritage

telling your story for generations to come

         I'm Chuck Lund.  I established Loving Heritage to 
         meet the needs of people who want their memories, 
         ideas, values and life stories to be documented in
         written text or in audio/visual presentations.

        The motivation for me to help others is fueled by 
        the passing of my own loved ones, many of whom 
        left few records of their lives.  Especially compelling  
        is my recent discovery of a 1911 picture of one of my
        great-grandfathers -- a 47 year old man at the time
        who undoubtedly had his own memories, ideas, 
        values and life stories.  
My writing and audio/visual background is extensive, including newspaper editing and reporting, criminal justice investigation and reporting, policy position papers, and social services background documentation.  I have also written short stories, poetry and a critically acclaimed book on my experiences as a stepfather.

I have provided two examples of my work to demonstrate the quality you can expect and to help you imagine the kind of stories you may want to tell. 

Click here for a writing example.  Click here for an audio/visual example.

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